Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Who does this? !?!?

It was a very surreal day at work and living in dowtown St. Paul.
Those are our windows broken out at work.

Photos courtesy of wcco.com

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Oh my god where have these been all my life?

Let me try to explain how delicious these are:
It's like eating a delicious potato chip and drinking a beer at the same time without having soggy chips. They are absolutely delicious! Cub has them here in town, but the website has a Beerchip locator so you can find them close to you.
Why didn't I think of this?!?!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Who hasn't been caught in an embarassing situation?

At least you're not this guy!

Man Faces Charges for Having Sex With Picnic Table
Friday, March 28, 2008

Ohio police have arrested a man who was caught on tape allegedly having sex with a picnic table.
Art Price Jr., 40, of Bellevue, Ohio, was arrested after a neighbor videotaped him engaged sexually with the metal table, according to a report on FOX19.com.
Price was seen on four separate occasions, always between 10:30 a.m. and noon, having sex with the picnic table, Bellevue Police Capt. Matt Johnson told the TV station.
"The first video we had, he was completely nude," Johnson said, noting the table in question had a hole in the middle intended to hold an umbrella.
Price, a married father of three school-age kids, faces felony counts of public indecency because his house is near an elementary school, according to the report.


I will never be that lonely!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Thursday night...

and after a long week of crabby customers, exciting news, and job interviews. I really wish I was here tonight:

Saturday, October 13, 2007

I haven't blogged in forever. I just don't seem to have the energy. I don't have to energy to break down my thoughts into words. Into cohesive and coherant phrases. Don't have the energy to really think about what I'm thinking about. That sounds dumb...lame. Ever since I got back from my vacation I've been so busy. Busy with work 50-60 hours a week and its draining physically and mentally. So here a some pics of a more relaxing time!

Seal Beach

Enjoying the sun on Seal Beach

I loved this guy!

Eating out of the fish hut

So tubby!

Just after snorkeling at Lovers Cove on Catalina

The casino on Catalina Island

Catalina Bay at sunset

Friday, August 24, 2007

Get me Outta Here

In 8 days I'll be going on vacation. It can't come soon enough. Things have been hectic at work and I'm pretty much losing my position (temporarily) at work as soon as I get home from California. Hopefully it will help my attitude to come back from a relaxing vacation.

I'm really excited to see Henry obviously and get out of here for a while. We're going snorkeling off of Catalina when I'm out there, so in about 2 weeks, I'll be seeing this:

I'm pretty sure that's a Garibaldi which i believe is California's state fish and Henry told me they are abundant where we'll be snorkeling. We'll also be heading to SeaWorld again thanks to our season passes and I'm definitely going to be feeding the bat rays and dolphins again. Other than that its going to be a lot of relaxing and also taking a vacation for my LOW Low low carb diet.

Thank god.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Very Scary

I've been getting lots of emails and texts, and calls....I'm ok, Matt's ok, everyone I know is ok. Matt just found out that his cousin was on the bridge when it collased. He fell about 40 feet but is ok and was able to to the hosptial with no serious injuries.

I had another friend who luckily decided to take 280 last night instead of 35W like usual.

Its very odd to see pictures of a bridge I've been on hundreds of times laying in pieces and broken in the river. I'm just really glad that Minnesota emergency personnel were so quick to act and so many people were rescued and moved quickly to the hospitals.

I'm sure all of our thought and prayers are with those directly effected by this tragic accident.

Monday, July 16, 2007


While I'm working with a customer today, I hear over my headset, "I'm heading up to 4th floor to look for the racoon". Since I'm with a customer, I don't react, thinking i must have misheard. Then a few minutes later, "Ok, I'm up on 4, where did the customer see the racoon."

I'm thinking to myself. This is Macy's. We don't carry racoons here. There can't possibly be a racoon in the store.

I was wrong.

Apparently racoons like Macy's sales too. And he thought he'd wander in from the parking ramp to check out the deals. Luckily he never got into the customer parts of the store. Mainly he was just in the entrance from our parking ramp roof, but that also means he missed out on the amazing linen sale!

So to recap, there was a racoon in my store today. I didn't get to see him, but John did, animal control was called, and the racoon did not buy any of the clearance Ralph Lauren sheets. Though at 60% off I'm sure he would have enjoyed them.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Many Worlds of Macy's

Department stores have stupid names for things.

Food Avenue? Target, come on it is not an avenue. It is a dirty place to buy a roller dog and a slushie.

Panty world? Yes, that's right Panty World. Tuesday morning I went into work at 7am to rearrange "Panty World". Panty World is this magical place where you can find anything from tiny strings to giant parachutes to put on your bottom. By the way, at Macy's we don't actually refer to these things as underwear or even panties. They are simply "pants" as if panties is too risque. But how do we then distinguish these"pants" from real pants? And then why in the world do we call the department Panty World??? This just confuses me. So yes, I spent my morning in this world of panties. I sized the little tiny lacy thongs, I folded the comfortable cotton boy shorts, and I hung the giant nylon granny panties. The granny panties that were a least a foot tall (I'm not exaggerating here. I held them up to myself and they literally would have come up to my boobs). The granny panties that ranged from S-XXL and the small would have fit me. I should never be able to wear a small in anything....especially not something that's supposed to cover my ass. Panty World is now well organized. It looks good. The mannequin butts on the wall "create interest". Because we freed up some space in the department, we have room for "guest seating". That's right, you can now sit in comfortable chairs in the middle of Panty World. I don't want to know what kind of person sits in that department surrounded by panties. At that my friends is Macy's Panty World.

We have another world at Macy's. Women's World. I am now managing petites and plus sizes. But we don't call it plus sizes, or even just the womens department. We call it Women's World because if you are a size 14+ you need a separate world to shop in. So as I rearranged women's world yesterday, I pondered this. Why is it a world? The misses department isn't a world. And speaking of misses, why is it misses and women's. Just because I'm a size 16 does that mean I'm not a misses. Or if you are only a size 6 are you not a woman? Why not stick to plus? I'm plus size...I know that. I know that there is more of me than there is of other people. Therefore, I am plus. But then again, if you are petite, does that make you negative? or minus? Why aren't the departments negative, regular, and plus? or petite, average, and big? These are the things I think about while I'm arranging racks and dressing mannequins at 7am. I also pondered why our "plus size" mannequins are a size 14 but the don't actually have any lumps or bulges. They are simply larger version of the size 4 mannequins. If we're gonna be accurate in showing what things look like, shouldn't they have fat rolls or something. Then I could say, "yes that will cover it up!" or "no...that wrap dress simply hugs every bulge i have". That would help.

I could also talk about how we call the department for our dishes and glassware The Cellar and yet I would never keep my dinnerware in a cellar, but I need to head to work!